Suggested veggies.
Bottle gourd
Bengaluru brinjal
Snake gourd

Suggested dal.
Channa dal or Moong dal
If channa dal. …pressure cook dal with haldi and hing..for a few whistles..Then add any chosen vegetable, with 1 tsp of chilli powder and 1tsp of daniya powder… (for 1 kg veg….add 200 gm of dal )
Cook veggies for 2 whistles along with dal.
For taka add 1 tsp of mustard. ..1 tsp of jeera
3 sprigs of curry leaves
Option :Take 5 slivers of coconut. ..added 1/2tsp jeera…make a paste and add to the veggies and dal…b
Cook till water consistency is right…
For Moong dal …cook veggies along with dal…the rest is the same as for channa dal Kootu