Tulasi Saligrama Vivaha

Tulasi Saligrama Vivaha – Nov. 4, 2017

The Padma Purana describes the story of Tulasi, who was formerly Vrinda, the daughter of a giant named Nemi, and the faithful wife of demon Jalandhar. Being born in water Jalandhar claims sovereignty over the ocean and demands the 14 treasures churned out of the ocean in Vishnu’s second incarnation. He declares war and becomes a cause of danger to the demigods. More so because of a boon that he would be free drom death till his wife Vrinda was chaste.

As a last resort to kill Jalandhar, Vishnu beguiles Vrinda by assuming her husband’s form. Vrinda in her wrath cruses and turns Lord Vishnu into a Black stone (Saligram) for his deceit. Vishnu too retaliates but in admiration of her impeachable chastity and piety, he transfers her into the sacred Tulsi plant and promises to marry her annually on this day of Kartik. Her body turns into the Gandaki river and her hair into the sacred Tulasi plant. The origin of the ammonite black stone or Saligram found on the bed of the river Gandaki may be attributed to their legend.

As a consequence, all devout Hindu women worship the Tulsi plant with flowers and milk assuming Lord Krishna to be present on it on this auspicious day and conduct their marriage.

Every year, ISKCON Chennai conducts the marriage of Tulasi and Saligrama. Participate in this joyful marriage. Do bring gifts for the bride and groom!