Sri Krishna Janmashtami

August 12th 2020, Wednesday


The appearance day of Krishna is most auspicious.  Though the Lord is not normally visible to human eyes, periodically he manifests his eternal spiritual form in this world to inspire humanity.  These forms are called avataras, forms which descend from the spiritual realm.  Though they manifest in this world they are not subjected to the conditions of this world: karma, limitation of time and space, and countless bad qualities. Though the Lord is only one person, he manifests many different forms.  Of all these forms, the form of Krishna is considered by the scriptures to be the most attractive.

When Krishna was present on earth he manifested his qualities in his various pastimes, which are now famous, being depicted in Bhagavatam, song and dance.  Bhagavatam directs us to worship Krishna as our main deity. Thus in our temple we worship that form of Krishna. His appearance day is thus a great celebration, by which we worship and remember his attractive qualities. We invite everyone to particpate with us in this celebration.

ISKCON Chennai will be conducting a virtual festival this year. Stay tuned for more information.

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To celebrate Janmashtami, we are going to the beautiful land of Vrindavan and you are invited for this virtual trip with your family and friends!
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Dates – 8-12 August 2020
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