Happy New Year 2020 – Deity Darshan open till 12 am 2020 on New Year
Hare Krishna! ISKCON Chennai invites you to welcome the New Year!  Let’s switch to the healthy, wealthy and wise system. Bid farewell to 2019 by sleeping early. Rise early on Jan 1, 2020, and come to the temple to welcome the new year by hearing the auspicious vibration of the blowing of conch and Nama Sankirtana. Today on the occasion of new year eve we have organised special kirtan program in the temple from 4 pm to 12 am midnight .Please come to spend your new year eve with friends and family members with The lordship Sri Radha Krishna and Srila Prabhupada devotees .


December 31, 2019

4.00 pm – 12 am  – Special Kirtan Program

January 1, 2020

 4.28 am – Blowing of Conch 3 times

4.30 am – Mangala arati to Sri Sri Radha Krishna

4.50am – Prayers to Narasimhadeva, the remover of obstacles Tulsi puja

5.00am – Mantra meditation (japa)

Archana facility will be available from 9am.