Gaura Purnima, Appearance Day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, March 2

Gaura Purnima Festival,

Appearance Day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,

March 2,

All are Invited for this auspicious occasion


Program schedule

Venue: Radha Krishna temple ecr, akkarai, chennai 119.

10 00 am to 5.30 pm : Kirtan mela
05.45 pm : abhisek
06.15 pm : lecture on the advent of Lord Gauranga by HG Rasaraj prabhu
06.45 pm : Gaura Arati
07.30 pm : Anukalpa prasad

Fasting till 6 pm

Donation in kind or cash are welcome.

Summary of Lord Gauranga’s Pastimes

By His Holiness Bhakti Vikasa Swami

Daily, after Mahaprabhu had taken prasada, His servant Govinda would come and massage Him for a few minutes; Mahaprabhu would then take rest and Govinda would go and take Mahaprabhu’s remnants as his prasada. On that particular day, Mahaprabhu felt very tired after prasada; so He came back to His room and fell down just inside the doorway. When Govinda saw Mahaprabhu within the doorway, he wondered how he could massage the Lord without stepping over Him. Seeing no other way, he asked Him to move slightly to the side so that he could come in.

“I am too tired to move,” Mahaprabhu replied. “Do whatever you like.” Govinda put his top cloth over Mahaprabhu’s body, offered obeisances, crossed over Mahaprabhu’s body and massaged Him. Mahaprabhu fell asleep. After some time the Lord awoke. Seeing Govinda He became a little angry and asked him why he had not yet gone to take prasada. Govinda replied that he couldn’t cross over the Lord’s body to go outside. “Well, how did you come inside?” Mahaprabhu asked.

Govinda didn’t reply, but in his mind he thought, “For the sake of serving Mahaprabhu I may make some offense and go to hell, but for my own sense gratification I don’t want to even dream of making the slightest shadow of an offense.”

One day, when Govinda went to bring Haridasa Thakura Jagannatha prasada, he found Haridasa lying down, looking ill and chanting his japa very slowly. “What is wrong,?” Govinda asked.

“I cannot finish my rounds properly,” Haridasa replied. Govinda left the prasada and reported back to Gauranga Mahaprabhu that Haridasa was not well. The next day, Lord Gauranga came to ask Haridasa about his health and Haridasa again said, “My disease is that I cannot finish my rounds properly.

“You are very old now,” Mahaprabhu replied, “and you are already a perfect devotee. There is no need for you to chant so many rounds.”

“My dear Lord,” Haridasa replied, “kindly hear my real desire. I know that You will not stay much longer in this world and I cannot bear to live in this world without You. Please allow me to leave before You.”

Mahaprabhu said, “Haridasa, you are such a great devotee. It would be a great loss to the world if you departed.”

“I am very insignificant,” Haridasa replied. “If an ant dies, what is the loss for the world? Similarly, if I were to leave, what would be the loss to the world? I want to leave this world while seeing Your moon-like face.”

The next day, Mahaprabhu came with all His devotees and started to describe the qualities and character of Haridasa. Hearing of the extraordinary activities Haridasa had performed throughout his life—with great difficulty and always in the most humble mood—the devotees were astonished. Not only had Haridasa chanted the holy name incessantly, but he had also preached the glories of the holy name far and wide. And therefore he was fit to be the namacarya .

Mahaprabhu started kirtana, and Haridasa knelt before Him. As the kirtana went on, Haridasa gazed at the lotus face of his beloved Lord and chanted the names “Shri Krishna Gauranga” again and again, and thus departed from this world. All the devotees were astonished at Haridasa’s departure. It reminded them of the departure of Bhismadeva, who left this world at will, while taking darsana of Shri Krishna.

Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu took the body of Haridasa in His arms and started dancing in ecstasy. Then the Lord and His devotees bathed the body of Haridasa in the sea and made a samadhi for him on the seashore. “By the touch of Haridasa’s glorious body, this sea has now become a maha tirtha (a great holy place),” Mahaprabhu declared. Then the Lord personally went to beg Jagannatha prasada from all the shopkeepers for a great festival in honor of Haridasa Thakura’s departure, and He blessed everyone present at that festival to get love of God.

By displaying such great love for Haridasa, Mahaprabhu showed that He did not consider anyone in terms of caste or creed. Mahaprabhu appeared in a brahmana family, whereas Haridasa appeared in a Muslim family, but among all His devotees, Gauranga Mahaprabhu gave Haridasa Thakura the most important position .