Damodar Dipa dana

Damodar Dipa dana, 6/10 to 4/11, 2017

The month from the 6th of October to the 4th of November 2017 is celebrated in the Gaudiya Vaisnav Calendar as the Karthik/Damodar month. During this month, we offer a lamp to Lord Krishna every evening. Why do we do this? Here is a pictorial insight into this offering of love to Krishna.

The scriptures give us several easy bonus offers to encourage our participation in spiritual activities and to help us speed our advancement. One such offer is the Damodar/Karthik month where all spiritual activities are blessed with multi-fold results.

ISKCON, with an anxiety to share this bonus offer with all people, is eager to arrange programs in your house/office/institution where we can share with your family/friends/staff the glorious opportunity of offering a lamp to Lord Krishna. ISKCON devotees will come to the venue, explain the pastimes where Lord Krishna, showing His subservience to pure devotion, accepts to be bound by Mother Yashoda, organise the lamps for offering and sing the special damodarastakam as the lamps are offered.  Contact our office on 044-24413466, 044-24456199. So far Damodar arati programs have been held in Pothy’s Showroom, Express Avenue and many temple, schools and houses.

Lamps can also be offered every evening in the temple and on Sundays in the afternoon also. You can also sponsor the lamps by giving a donation. Thus you get the benefit of “lighting a lamp for someone else to offer”.